Lift System 500S II

The EWC Lift System does not attach to walls or floor of a room. The unit can lift and support a person’s weight up to 500 lbs. When weight limits of the sling being used are followed, a person can be moved in any direction within a room. A person can also be lifted off the floor.

A custom designed lifting bar is included with each unit. This lift is a custom fit to room size (home or care facility) or can be designed to fit over a hot tub for hydro-therapy.

Lift System 500S II
Length Up to 14 foot standard.
Width Up to 12 foot standard.
Height Custom up to 8 feet.
Lifting Bar Lift bar custom designed and built to an individuals needs.
Will accept 2,4 and 6 point lift slings.
Lift Capacity 500 lbs. standard. 800lbs. and 1,000lbs. systems available.
Frame Construction Structural grade steel construction.
Power Source 120 volt AC, standard house current 8 amp max draw.
Lift Cord
1/4 inch double braided high tensile polyester cord.
Tensile strength 2450 lbs.
Motor 880 lbs. 110 volt AC, continuous lift brushless motor.
Steel gears with precision ball bearings.
Control Handle Ergonomically designed handle with large directional switch for easy use.
Cleaner resistant hospital grade plastic.
Unit Weight 400 lbs. +/- per your room dimensions.
Warranty Lifetime warranty on steel frame.
One year parts and labor warranty on motor and moving parts.
Free-standing Design Professionally assembled in less than one hour.
Leaves no damage in the room in which it is installed.
Custom Built
Provides full access to all areas of the room within 12 inches of the wall.
Unit takes less than one square foot of floor space out of room.
Frame Finish High quality automotive grade finish. (Lead free powder coat)

Other systems available. Bath and bariatric lift information available upon request.


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