To the whole EWC team: Thank you so much for your flexibility and timeliness with the lift you installed for one of our residents. Your positive attitudes are a breath of fresh air! You are all so easy to work with, and we all truly appreciate everything you did for our resident and staff. Thank you!

- Rebecca - Fort Vancouver Convalescence Home

The EWC Lift System has worked great for me. It lifts me so easily and smoothly and it goes anywhere in my room. I taught one of my weekend caregivers how to use it and it was so easy. My caregivers love it. It saves their back and their knees. I wish I had gotten this lift sooner.

- Hester - Yakima, WA

I want to tell you what an asset this system was for me and my husband. My husband had ALS and for a while he only needed a little help to get up from a chair or the bed.

When the disease progressed we needed something to help lift him. I had had one knee replaced, the other knee needed replacement and I had just recovered from bypass surgery with many complications. I knew if I didn’t have help, my husband couldn’t stay at home for me to care for him.

The lift helped me at first to lift my husband into a standing position using a gait belt, so he could use his walker to get to the restroom. Later, we used a sling to maneuver him onto a bedside commode, put him in his wheel chair and to aid me in dressing him. It was very comfortable for him and he felt secure being lifted and moved with his lift system. It truly was the reason he could be cared for in our home. He passed away in January of 2005….at home ……as he and his family had wished.

- Twila M. Campbell

John, a client’s case manager wanted me to send along a report on the conversation I had with him. He is a 36-year-old man who has Muscular Dystrophy. The manager said that stories of the usefulness of your product might be of assistance in obtaining Medicaid approval.

This client's elderly father had been assisting with a two-person transfer with his paid caregiver, but his mother no longer could be called on to help when the caregiver was not there. The client weighs 325 pounds. It was very difficult for the whole family before they got an EWC lift system to help them. He can now sit in a recliner in his bedroom instead of being limited to either staying in bed or being in his wheelchair. Here is the Service Episode Record I noted in his file:

TC to client. Regarding the EWC lift system, he reports, "It's working. It makes things easier." He states that his mother was recently able to help him in the night when he had to go to the bathroom, something that required two people previously. His mother had not been physically able to help transfer him for some time but is now able because of the ease of the EWC system.

Your lift system is a life saver.

- Lynne Van Horn - Family Caregiver Support Program Coordinator - SE Washington Aging and Long Term Care

Dear John and Mark,

I really want to thank you for installing the EWC Lift System in my client’s home. I am a caregiver and the ease and simplicity of the system has made my job alot easier! I was really surprised that it can be adjusted to about any room size and taken down as easily as set up.

I’m able to get my client out of bed and into her wheelchair without all the back strain and a lot faster. This definitely makes doing a transfer safer for my client and myself. Anyone can use this system with very little effort. Once again, thanks! Sincerely,

- Mary - Caregiver, Yakima, WA

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